AngDrew's website

Welcome to my website,

it's all about me

hope you enjoy the site, because i made it randomly. i dont know what to do and what am i am doing so i just typing around and refreshing all the time lol
but if you like it you can ask me to teach you about making other like this



I have passion on programming, since i'm 11 years old, i stared playing computer and i found cheat engine, since that day, i changed my mind from become an astronaut to become a hacker, and game maker, because i love playing games too.



My hobbies is playing music, playing games, and learn something new. i think i'm IT geek, because i'm curious a lot of things about IT.



i've created:

- Minecraft server (i started this at 9th grade, and i just download plugin from other people and use it on my server, but since 11th grade, i'm using skript, an powerful plugin that allow me to manipulate minecraft just like plugin did. it mean, i can make my own plugin with english parsed text but still need an algorythm for that and it's not easy.)

- Trainer (i said that i love cheating on above right? well, i love cheating since 11 years old using cheat engine. and at 11th grade i got lesson about Visual Studio on my school, at early of 12th grade, i'm planning to review my lesson, so i challanged my self to make an trainer of a game, and im using VS for that. and i made it, it's not too hard, but finding the way to bypass the game is the hardest part.)

- Bot Chat Line (at firt, i'm just copying other people's code and re-write them. and till now, the bot is still active and i deploy it on server)